Sig Sauer P320 X-Carry

sig sauer p320 x carry

If I could sum this review up in a single word, “Yes”, would be the one.

Note to the reader: I’m not a technical review writer, there are plenty of reviews out there that can give you the trigger pulls, all the whiz bang dimensions and such, but for me, I just go by the feels. If you get hard when someone demonstrates the tactile-ness of a trigger reset, this review might not be for you. Which by the way, when you’re rolling deep in an army of brain eating lib…zombies… the last thing you’re ever going to hear is the trigger reset, so get over it.

I’ve had my X-Carry and X-five nearly since they first came out. I’ve had both modified by the Sig Armorer, Robert Burke in Frisco, Texas, and I’ve probably unloaded roughly 1500 rounds through each. Both, never had a problem, except when I tested Winchester’s Forged line of steel 9mm… that was a disaster and a story for another day. Anyway, after carefully weighing the two, and trying to decide which I would take over the other, it was nearly impossible to decide, however, (snaps a pool stick over knee) there is only one position available as my primary side arm.

The X-Carry. After spending the afternoon going back and forth on the range, ultimately, it has to be the X-Carry for my style of use. Which is primarily for range time, showing off to friends, with a touch of a zombie apocalypse preparation. (but) I did configure them the exact same to be sure. Meaning, I did install the grip counter weight, and the flared magwell adapter that comes with the X-Five that for some reason doesn’t come with the X-Carry from the factory.

The extra weight of the, albeit gimmicky competition-esqe add-ons make the gun feel more balanced in the hand. Could be mental, but perception is reality.

One thing I noticed more than anything else when comparing the two, is the ability to more quickly acquire a solid presentation followed by an accurate trigger pull with the X-Carry. No matter the maneuver, I always felt the X-Carry could get on target just slightly faster than the X-Five. Now, the Five did feel more premium with the bull barrel and extra length, but bullets on bottle caps is what matters most. I also feel the X-Five is slightly sexier, whereas the Carry seemed more dutiful driven. That said, the X-Five came with much better iron sights, however I converted both guns over to Sig’s Romeo One red dots, removing the added benefit.

Additionally, size. I felt the X-Carry was just as accurate inside 30 yards as the Five, without the excess barrel length. Making the Carry more wearable, stowable, maneuverable, and concealable. Reaching out to professionals in the industry such as the Sig Armorer, he had agreed with my assessment, stating he felt the same across the board, especially in establishing a quicker and more accurate presentation.

With ammo and barrel engineering being so precise, I think the 5” barrels are going to more and more take a back seat to the 4 and 4.5” barrels. It’s always interesting to see those who have been living in the 4” realm for the last decade pick up a big meaty 5”er and raise their eyebrows with that look of “oh yeah, I remember this nonsense” thinking back to range qualifications in the military. Even Sig’s M-18 is starting to get more love over the M-17. More on those two later as well. So, if you’re out there debating on your next Sig, and it happens to come down to the P320 variants, I highly recommend feeling them both out, and simulate the quick draw if you’re able to. You wouldn’t be wrong going with either, but I still give the nod over to the X-Carry.

Of Note: Had I left both configured as they come from the factory, I still have to nod over to the X-Carry, but damn it’s close.

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