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"In Madison We trust"

Fathom Arms, is first and foremost here to sell firearms to legal and responsible gun owners. Secondly, to provide safe and quality training in a comfortable setting where we can build the student’s confidence. We specialize in one on one private training, and small group HQL, and Wear’n’Carry classes ensuring each and every student leaves our classroom with the knowledge and confidence they need to safely operate a firearm.
Our lead instructor, Dan McDonald, is NRA certified to provide handgun training, as well as registered with the Maryland State Police allowing students to apply for their Maryland Permits.

Our mission is to ensure the founding fathers intentions with the Second Amendment are preserved, more specifically, James Madison’s. l reserve,and will always maintain the right to refuse to sell any of my products to anyone I deem unfit to take possession. The more we take care of our community and our right to bear arms, the less need for the government to attempt to do it for us. 


Maryland makes it hard enough to get a firearm when compared to states such as Texas, and Oklahoma. My goal is to help make it as easy as legally possible. I do not see this business as a big money-making venture; therefore, I will not rely on it to be one. I see it as a means to ensure our right to bear arms is protected and responsibly promoted.


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